Capital Campaign Opportunities

The Farmer's Kitchen

Funded, construction complete, & debuted this Summer!

The renovation of our 100-year-old lakeside stone lodge in the heart of camp, now complete, provides a marquee indoor program space, complete with teaching kitchens for our campers and year-round indoor space for our community programs


Staff Housing
& Office Space

Partially funded and complete

Extensive renovations are necessary to maintain our directors’ residence, senior staff housing and office space for our year-round staff. More staff housing will free up more camper beds. These upgrades will also help us attract and retain top professionals and educators.



Beit Shefa Expansion

The expansion of our Beit Shefa, housing our dining hall, kitchen, and health center will allow us to increase our summer enrollment by 25 percent! It will increase our seating capacity and allow our kitchen to continue serving extraordinary, wholesome meals made from scratch. Our renovated and expanded Health and Wellness Center will provide a warm, restorative space to accommodate our rapidlygrowing community of campers. These facility upgrades will relieve unsustainable pressures on our current facilities and allow camp to continue to grow.


Herbal Apothecary

Funded & in use by campers!

The herbal apothecary and kitchen, now complete and in use, provides our popular and beloved Herbalism Program with dedicated space. It gives us safer and more efficient appliances, prep areas, and a year-round kitchen for farm-to-table educational programs.


Additional Capital Improvements

All around camp, we have opportunities to transform our facility to meet the potential of our innovative and rapidly-growing program. Our efforts include investments in our lake, renovations of our theater and outdoor pavilion, expansion of our farm facilities, energy efficiency upgrades, and new sports courts.


Naming opportunities are available for all of the projects listed. We would be happy to discuss your interests.